1294134991Museum of Farming Civilization

The museum route of the Museum of Farming Civilization unravels among cellars, warehouses and underground passages. The agricultural activity conducted on the estates belonging to the Vaccà Berlinghieri family and the activities of transformation of land products have allowed the gathering of a large quantity of tools that make up a very important archive for the reconstruction of the history of the agricultural activity and of the métayage system between the 17th and the 19th centuries in the hills of Pisa.
The cellar, the dreds, the oil mill and oil jar room, evoke the emotions of a simple, genuine life in constant contact with nature where life is marked by the seasons and the work in the fields. It is a route of historical memory through the testimonies of the objects of everyday use of a world long gone.


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Address: Via Andrea Vaccà, 49 – Montefoscoli
Times: Domenica 9.30-12.30/15.30-19.30

Liable: Comitato Promozione Culturale Montefoscoli
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