The Alta Valdera Park is located in the heart of Tuscany, 25 km from Pisa coast, nearest Volterra, Firenze and Siena; each of them has its own history and is rich in traditions and culture.

Mineral springs ( Cascina , Uliveto and Montecatini Terme) , and coastal resorts are easily reached from here . The landscape is varied and unspoiled : from pleasant plains to hills rich of woods, chestnut groves and typical Tuscan vegetation that with the changing seasons characterize the landscape effects suggestivi.Ai the foot of these hills, the river was flowing sinuous . Capannoli, Chianni, Lajatico , Palaia, Peccioli , Terriciola , each with its own traditions and cultural peculiarities , enriched by small villages, still living testimonies of human and artistic , are important pieces of a mosaic that offers a pleasant opportunity for visitors esigenti.Vari routes can be followed : the artistic one in particular is characterized by the ancient Romanesque churches of the territory is rich and contemporary works of art of national and foreign artists . Add to this the pleasant stay at the farms in the area, which complement the characteristic Tuscan cuisine with wine and oil of high qualità.In certain times of the year are guaranteed to tourists visiting and tasting in the cellars of the local Chianti DOGG and S. Torpè and the opportunity to attend the events related to the traditions and local produce of the land punctuated by the rhythm of stagioni.Per those who love sports in contact with nature are active trails for walking, biking and horseback riding, through the territory of the Era . Enhance the landscape many villas in the countryside, home to noble families of Pisa and Florence, yet some of their properties.Moments of leisure and cultural studies are possible by visiting the Prehistoric Park , the Zoological Museum , the Archaeological museum , an observatory , a Museum of Icons, the Mofeta , the Museum of Civilization and farm labor .These are some of the unique aspects of the Alta Valdera Park, an area rich in human and artistic , in the context of an enchanting and serene landscape that ensures a memorable holidays.


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