The Holy mount of San Vivaldo in Tuscany, is one of the Holy Mount common in the north of Italy builted between 1500 and 1600, which origin are dated back between 1185 and 1280

When the area was possessed by the friars of Normandy Cross and disputed by Castelfiorentino and San Miniato.

When Franciscan entered the old church of Camporena, in the place there was still devotion to Vivaldo Stricchi, a Blessed hermit whom veneration start to be diffused when since he has been found – in miraculous circumstances – in the trunk of a chestnut he used as home when he was alive.
In 1325, the place where he died, was built a Chapel dedicated to Vivaldo, and than a monastry, and in 1355 a church that today is still possible to visit.

Since 1 st of may of 1500, after the establishment of a Franciscan Minor Friars settlement, they start to build a complex of chapels and churches reproducing the topography of the holy places of Jerusalem. Here the name “The Jerusalem of Tuscany”.


How to get there

To get to the Jerusalem of Tuscany takes about 30 minutes by car from the La Cerbana.