stvnThe Province of Pisa, in addition to having the now traditional artistic treasures preserved in the historical centers of international guarantees unique emotions even in smaller places, scattered over the country.

This is the case of the villages or towns such as San Miniato, Palaia, La Rotta, Peccioli, Laiatico, Terriciola, Lari, Crespina, Fauglia Lorenzana, Casciana, Chianni that you encounter on the way to the Wine Route of the Pisan Hills. It is an ideal route to go also means ecological alternatives to the car.

The wine roads provide information services and ensure that companies adhere to the standards they meet certain quality. The feature that the wine routes offer visitors is that they can travel in all seasons, finding beauty each time, but especially the relationship with the wine can be established at different levels: visit a vineyard or a winery , savor a dish, taste a good wine or attend a cultural event.

references from special project AGRI zero network for the enhancement of local producers.