The Chapel of Santa Caterina is located in Legoli, in the municipality of Peccioli diocese of Volterra.

This monumental tabernacle actually looks like a small chapel, after which, in 1822, the Infantry Alessio built around the tabernacle built around 1479 this small oratory for funerary purposes, dedicated to St. Catherine.

The frescoes of Benozzo Gozzoli

Execution and date of the work
Benozzo Gozzoli, assisted by some helpers, it frescoed in 1479-80 all four sides.
Just in the summer of 1479, in fact, the plague, which was raging throughout Tuscany, also came to Pisa, where Benozzo was staying, making the situation critical. Hence the decision to move with his family to Legoli: Benozzo Legoli probably chose to agreements previously entered into with this community for the decoration of this monumental tabernacle.

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