vm2Valdera Museum (Network Valdera Museum)
Since 2003, a number of municipalities in the Valdera have joined forces to enhance their small and large museums

The Valdera Museums (Valdera Museum Network)Culture, environment and territory offer key opportunities for the cultural and economic development of an area. One of the crucial elements of this process is the knowledge of places, histories and societies that can be acquired through a cultural “journey”.Tourism therefore valorises the territory and its cultural wealth. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to create a network of museums that covers the territory and is suitable to welcome visitors.Comuni dell’Unione Valdera che aderiscono alla Rete Museale per l’anno 2012:

The Piaggio Museum
Otello Cirri Art Center
Andrea da Pontedera Study Centre and photographic documentation centre
Centrum Sete Sòis Sete Luas di Pontedera

Museum of Wood

The Church Museum
Museum of the Ancient History of the Territory of Bientina

The Archaeological Museum
The Museum of Sacred Art
Museum of Russian Icons “F. Bigazzi”

Home Museum Vaccà-Berlinghieri
Museum of Farming Civilization
Museum of Work and of Rural Civilization

Casciana Terme
Archaeological Exhibition: The Etruscans in Parlascio

Valdera Archaeological Museum
The Zoological Museum

The Castello dei Vicari

Giorgio Kienerk Museum