1294136018Inaugurated in 2003, the Otello Cirri Art Center is located within the Municipality of Pontedera, and has been named after a illustrious citizen which greatly contributed to the artistic and political life of the town becoming its mayor in 1946 and remaining in office until 1951. The Centre’s cultural orientation is towards the history of art valorising, with the organization of exhibitions of great scientific value, the unique character of the Tuscan cultural inheritance.
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Address: Via della Stazione Vecchia, 6
Times: dal lunedì al sabato: 9 – 13 e 16 – 19.
Sunday: 16 – 19 (only when there are exhibitions).
Chiuso il mese di August
Telephone: 0587 57282 Fax 0587 215937
E-mail: silvia.guidi@comune.pontedera.pi.it