The Valdera is full of nature trails that allow you to appreciate the natural environment and the typical Tuscan hill landscape.

Among the many paths include the following :

The paths of Peccioli , through the territory by exploiting roads, farm tracks , ancient paving stones , in large part almost uninhabited . The paths meander along streams, through forests and vast countryside characterized by a varied vegetation of poplars, cypresses and junipers .

The main routes are :

– The path of the river was , that offers a vision suggestive of the cliffs of tuff

that run along the municipal road Peccioli -Factory ;

– The Path of Molino Ripassaia offering a colorful landscape in spring from different cultures such as oats and alfalfa and summer full of brooms and wheat fields ;

– the path of the Hills for Legoli

– the path that meets the White Peccioli prehistoric park with life-size animals . The Path of the Rings Cedars which provides a habitat for flora and fauna of wild beauty

– Track Variant Ortaglia

The green paths of Lajatico that offers breathtaking views from the hills


There are seven routes that you can follow in the Municipality of Chianni, at various levels :

– Poggio Rosso , with the ilex ;

-Poggio of the Mist , with the oak woods ;

– The area of the stream The Steer , with willows and poplars, wildlife and the wild boar , the symbol of Chianni ;

– The Boulder Montalone , where there are huge boulders and dense woods ,

– Valley of the River End of the road Montevaso from Casciana Chianni below the village of Rivalto ;

– Mines , the path between the mines and stone quarries Gabbro .

Natural landscapes are also found in Oltrano like Bosco Tanali located

on the western side of Bientina , on the slopes of the Monti Pisani which includes a

variety of very significant from the point of view of nature and the hillside

Cerbaie of Santa Maria a Monte.

The territory of Buti offers the richness of its forests and the slopes of Monte Serra

pleasant promenades as walking and cycling and angles pregievole nature.

The marked trails for walking and hiking in the town of Casciana are

easy to observe and allow relevances natural and historical : the

Poggio alla Pineta English Oak with the old furnace , the fortress of Collemontanino , the Vallino

Serre , The Macchione , the crossroad of Flints , the archaeological excavations Parlascio , the ancient village

Ceppato , the Piastraia .

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