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The Archaeological Museum was opened in 2004 to house the numerous archaeological findings brought to light at the Etruscan archaeological site of Ortaglia, located a few kilometres from Peccioli. From a well 10 meters deep and 4 meters wide votive objects have been brought to light as well as parts of a construction which, owing to its size and decoration type is thought to have been a temple or a sanctuary. Many votive objects, such as the loom weights and the spool of the thread, work typically carried out by women, lead us to believe that the sanctuary was dedicated to a female divinity. The main feature of the collection is an Attic kylix with red figures, ascribable to the famous Greek painter Makron who worked in Athens around 490 – 480 b.C. Since 2007 the Archaeological Museum is housed within the beautiful new building located inside a system of underground passages which until recently was used as a cellar but which in ancient times probably contained hypogeum graves. Also exhibited inside the Museum is the funeral dowry taken from the Etruscan grave of Legoli (1930 excavation), a large louthérion (ablution basin) as well as a series of materials relative to nocturnal cults connected to a divinity similar to the Greek Demetra. A large plastic model reproduces the Tuscanic temple reconstructed according to the rules of Vitruvio. In the new exhibition considerable relevance has been given to multimediality, aimed principally at the younger generations. The plastic model of the temple has therefore been fitted with multimedia supports which, by means of a touch screen, allows to enjoy tridimensional films by using special glasses. Also a screen with projector has been set up in the multimedia room to allow the viewing of films relative to the story of the fire of the temple of Ortaglia.


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