imgsize-1Giorgio Kienerk Museum
The Museum devoted to Giorgio Kienerk was conceived to contain and ensure the public fruition of the artworks collection by the artist which the daughter Vittoria has donated to the Community of Fauglia. Giorgio Kienerk, with his wife Margherita and daughter Vittoria spent every Easter, from 1919 till his death, at the family villa in Poggio alla Farnia and has immortalized the surrounding countryside in luminous, pristine pictorial impressions, thus ensuring the unrepeatable artistic survival of the Fauglia hills.
The Giorgio Kienerk museum is located in the historical prisons of the Municipality of Fauglia located behind the Municipal Palazzo in the centre of the town. In the late 19th century the Palazzo degli Uffizi Pubblici was built upon a project by Arturo Conti (1823-1900), an architect from Leghorn. The new municipal complex also housed the Praetorship, the prisons, the guardian’s house and the barracks of the Carabinieri.

In order to safeguard and promote the historical and artistic wealth of their territory, a group of voluntaries from Fauglia have ensured the opening of the Museum to welcome visitors, managing the ticket office and book-shop on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Address: Palazzo Comunale, Via Chiostra I, n° 13, Fauglia
Times: Wintry: Tuesday and Thursday: 10.00-12.30; Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-12.30/15.30-18.30
Summer (June to mid-September): martedì e giovedì: 10.00-12.30; Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-12.30/16.00-19.00
Chiusura: January 1st, 6th January, Easter, 1st May, 15th August, 1 November, Christmas, December 26th

Ticket: whole € 4.00, reduced € 2.00 (children under 12 years old, over 65, groups of 15 people); schools € 2,00.

Telefono: Reservation and info: 050.657328
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