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The Castello dei Vicari is a castle situated on the highest peak in the centre of the town of Lari, an ancient Medieval hamlet. As from the end of the 15th century the rock became the seat of the Florentine Vicariate and for over four centuries the castle administered a territory equal to approximately a third of the current provincial area of Pisa. The Vicarage was subsequently abolished with the adhesion of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany to Italy whereas a civil praetorship remained in Lari up to the end of the 60-ties of the 19th century.
The Vicariate of Lari extended its power over a vast territory that went from the Thyrrhenian coast (from Vada, in the south, up to Leghorn, in the north), to the Podestà jurisdictions of Palaia and Peccioli, located east, whereas towards the south it reached Riparbella and towards north, Pontedera. From the 16th century the town fell definitely into the hands of the Florentines who strengthened and improved the castle.
Great works were undertaken between the 15th and the 16th centuries: Francesco da San Gallo in 1530 and David Fortini in 1559 restored the fortifications. The facades overlooking the internal courtyard were decorated with coat of arms commissioned to Andrea (1435-1525), Andrea Il Giovane (1475-1548) to Giovanni della Robbia (1469-1529/30), to Benedetto (1461-151) and to Santi Buglione (1494-1576).
Inside, several frescos were painted, the architraves were enriched with valuable decorations, and a Madonna with Baby was painted by Andrea della Robbia upon a model by Luca della Robbia to decorate the bedroom of the Vicar Alessandro Segni. The spacious rooms of the building were the home of Vicars up to 1848, year in which this position was abolished to be replaced by that of the Pretore. The castle was therefore transformed into a Praetorial Palace, a function it carried out up to 1962.

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Address: Piazza del Castello
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October: every afternoon 15.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.30-12.30/15.00-18.00
November-March: Saturday and Sunday 10.30-12.30/15.00-18.00

ENTRANCE: 4 euro – 5 euro with guided tour

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